I like to wear boy's underwear
Mikayla #Weirdo #creepy #ass #face (Taken with Cinemagram)
Anonymous Asked: do you have any other blogs?

Only like 15
The ones I’m willing to advertise to the public are:

And benedickcumberbitch.tumblr.com

minty-spook Asked: Hey! Hey! Where'd you go? What happened? Are you okay?

Emsy! Sorry I’ve been neglecting this blog. A lot. LOVE ME!

  • Avengers Fandom: At least we know Thor 2 is coming out next summer...
  • Supernatural Fandom: Waiting for October. Just a few more months.
  • Doctor Who Fandom: August, August, August!
  • Harry Potter Fandom: We have the next Pottermore book coming out tomorrow!
  • Sherlock Fandom: *Runs and sobs to a corner petting an otter whispering,"I believe"